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Meet Jennifer Sokol

The Author

My life as a writer began while caring for my elderly mother, Agatha, who suffered a crippling stroke in 1992. For six years I helped her with everything, including transfers, bathing, toilet, dressing and meals. During that time, friends began suggesting that I write a book about my experience someday: “To encourage other people who are caring for elderly parents,” they said.

Convinced of what seemed like a call, several months after Mom’s death in 1998, I began to write and eventually completed my memoir, Six Years of Grace: Caregiving Episodes With My Mother.
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The Artist

Artwork has been a lifelong hobby, especially creating hand-drawn images. Please go to the SHOP page where you will find children’s books in hand-drawn black & white images, with corresponding text to describe each scene. Children and young people will be inspired to grow in their relationship with God as they color and read, learning much from the wisdom of the saints.

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